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Don’t wait for the perfect time. Get started on the new you and discover what’s underneath!

The Program

Elevate your nutrition. The Peeled Onions is a physician-guided, individualized, nutrition program designed to optimize fat loss, body recompositioning, and muscle gain. This is not a crash diet, but one based on the principles of flexible dieting and macronutrient partitioning.  Minimize the guesswork and repeated diet cycles, learn what your body needs and have an expert get you started and support you along the way. The only diet that works is the one you will stick to!

Whole Body Health

Minimize your risk of chronic disease. Have control over your health destiny.

Optimize You

Whether you want to be leaner, bigger, stronger, or faster, the proper nutritional plan is key.  Abs are made in the kitchen.

Inclusive Eating

Food is meant to nourish and be enjoyed. Learn how to incorporate the foods you love and still reach your goals.

90-day Starting Phase

Katie Lundberg

Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist

“One thing I’ve always loved is making people feel better. We possess the ability to uncover more of our potential with every challenge we are willing to put ourselves through.”

Dr. Katie Lundberg is able to offer comprehensive nutrition plans based on personal goals and needs. Her philosophy is the diet you like is the one you will stick to.  Health can be achieved through a lot of approaches, hers  happens to be guiding people through a macronutrient diet approach. Eduation is the foundation for you to understand how to make nutrition work for you. The more you know and understand about food choices, portion sizes, and how to approach food from a healthy mindset, the better your quality of life is.  You can have it all!

Success Stories

Begin the journey now, for the time shall pass anyways.

“Katie offers support throughout your journey of learning everything about macros and things about yourself as well. Everyone is always trying to find the “perfect diet” but this flexible dieting style is one you can stick with long term and actually works!! I have physically never felt more in shape, well rested, and healthy than I have since I began this journey. “

“I would never have guessed I wasn’t eating enough food. It was pretty amazing to increase my calories (of course strategically) and see results! She’d congratulate me on successes and also point out areas where I could improve. Without her check ins, it’s a lot easier to make excuses… and it was nice hearing a “congrats!” On the hard work”


“Tracking my macronutrients over the past few months with The Peeled Onions has proven that I am in control of my performance and my body. I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever. Katie’s program has given me the tools to successfully tackle my nutrition and fitness goals with a positive mindset.!”


Transform your body and begin your journey! 


Discover What's Underneath

Creating individualized and sustainable nutrition plans, merging your
goals with your life.

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